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Hearing loss usually occurs slowly but progressively. The best option is prevention. Detecting the loss when it is incipient allows to give a better response to this difficulty. It is advisable to do a hearing review every five years. And after age 60, we should do it every two years. If an abnormal hearing loss is observed, you can remedy it more effectively. The first symptoms are mild and they go unnoticed: make others repeat things, turn up the TV higher than others …

At audio control, we offer you a free auditive revision to verify your hearing.

Custom tailored anti-noise earplugs
They are soft silicone, so that they are more comfortable in the ear canal. They keep out up to 25 dbs and are available in different colors.

Bathing earplugs
Suitable for children suffering from otitis, for people with perforation of the tympanum or who can’t have water enter their ears because of some other pathology. They prevent water from entering easily.

Custom earplugs
Check out all our options according to your needs.

Hearing gives the human being the ability to listen and is the result of a complex mechanism provided by both ears, nerve centers that transform the mechanical stimulation of waves to sounds and the active and permanent participation of the brain.

Beyond sound waves, the process of human hearing involves physiological processes, derived from the stimulation of the organ of hearing and psychological processes, derived from the conscious act of listening to a sound.

In humans, hearing is performed primarily by the hearing system: vibrations are detected by the ear that translates them to nervous impulses that are perceived by the brain.

The digitalisation of hearing aids has made it possible to improve the performance of the adaptations greatly and this results in a much cleaner and clearer listening.

At audio control you will find the latest technology that will help you improve your hearing through connectivity: you can connect your hearing aid to your mobile phone, to the TV and to other audio and video systems!



  • A free auditory revision
  • A free videotoscopy (you will be able to see the inside of your ear in high definition)
  • A free battery pack (if you are a user of hearing aids)
  • Test hearing aids at home
  • Financing adapted to every case
  • Other promotions that we will inform you of personally if you visit us
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